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"Eppler demonstrates the depth of his outstanding research and analysis by putting the information he has gathered into useable form from which organizations can glean valuable insights into innovation, speed-to-market, and hidden opportunities."

- INC   

"The Wright Way is a perfect blend of savvy business guidance and historical adventure story."

- American Mgt Assoc.   

"Eppler is a superb storyteller and creative thinker. His engaging book is filled with practical ideas that can be applied by anyone faced with a challenging leadership role."

- Dennis N.T. Perkins, Author   
Leading At The Edge   

"Human flight is impossible"

Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, the Smithsonian Institution, and the United States military had all come to the same conclusion after years of failure. The New York Times was only slightly less pessimistic, opining that flight would be achieved in a million years - at the earliest!

Itís a good thing Wilbur and Orville Wright werenít listening, because on December 17, 1903, these two brothers achieved one of the greatest feats in human history: They flew an airplane. The search for modern parallels to the accomplishment is futile. The only thing that might come close would be if Neil Armstrong had landed on the moon in a craft he had built himself and paid for with a part-time job!

The enormity of the event cannot be overstated, but its genesis is something of a mystery. Who were Wilbur and Orville Wright, and how could two unassuming bicycle builders from Dayton, Ohio, succeed where the greatest minds in the world had fallen short? Delve into their story and you will find brilliance married to diligence, perseverance born of courage, and humility surpassed only by confidence. You will also discover unmistakable patterns in the Wrightsí approach to problem solving, an unstated but clear philosophy that played a large part in their eventual triumph.

In The Wright Way, author Mark Eppler has distilled the essence of their methods into seven problem-solving principles that not only illuminate the brothersí path to success but also hold direct relevance for contemporary business environments.

Whether their organizations are foundering in a lackluster economy or are aspiring to dominate an ultra-competitive market, leaders and professionals in all fields would do well to adopt the Wright brothersí principles of:

  • Forging - shaping ideas through constructive conflict
  • Tackling the tyrant - solving the toughest parts of the problem first
  • Fiddling - constantly experimenting with improvements
  • Mind-warping - approach logically, while considering illogical options
  • Relentless preparation - maintaining a lifelong passion for learning
  • Measuring twice - paying meticulous attention to detail
  • Force multiplication - accomplishing more in teams than as individuals

Eppler illustrates each of the principles with riveting historical anecdotes, contemporary business examples, and revelatory quotations from the brothersí notes and correspondence. The resulting portrait becomes a blueprint for all those who refuse to bow to limitations. For more information, please visit www.amacombooks.org/wrightway.